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This FREE check will take up to 5 days. You must upload a copy of a photo identification. eg. Drivers License or Passport.
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Immediate self check. You will need to put your driver's license number and version into the form below so that we can verify your identity as part of this process.

If you choose this option it  must be paid by either a credit or debit card which bears the same name as the person being checked.

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For the Purposes of the Privacy Act 1993
• This form collects personal information about you, however it is not retained on our
   system which means other enquirers will not have access to the information.
• This information is required to identify you and do the check against our system records.
• You have a right to see the reply and correct any information in accordance with the Privacy Act.
   TINZ may decide not to change the information held, due to other information which contradicts your statement(s).

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