Tenant Check notes


Matches on TINZ & CIA data
  • TINZ database is anything your peers have done on TINZ. It could be address information or Tenant ratings or 14 day notes or Tenancy Tribunal orders.
  • Responses show the listing Property Managers name which is a link to email them if you would like further information. Often it will also show the Property Managers phone number which gives an alternative method of contact.
  • CIA data is anything from one of NZ's largest Tenancy Debt collectors. www.cia.nz


Tenancy Tribunal orders - Ministry of Justice
  • This database shows on our PCC (Personal Character Check) along with the other non Date of Birth verifiable databases we search.
  • TINZ receives regular complaints regarding matches on this database where the tenant denies being the tenant listed. Many times the tenant is speaking truthfully. The reason is the simple fact that Tenancy Tribunal decisions do not show Date of Birth. This means if you search for Joe Bloggs you get results showing every Joe Bloggs who has graced the Tribunal, instead of just the Joe Bloggs who wishes to rent your property. TINZ has made several requests/complaints asking that Tenancy Tribunal decisions carry Date of Birth for identification purposes but we have not seen it implemented as yet. Perhaps you could help speed up this process by making an individual complaint to the Ministry of Justice Ph 0800 268787 or email info@justice.govt.nz There are some other noteworthy points regarding the Tenancy Tribunal database. The decisions are only held on the database for a period of three years. Mediated orders are not recorded and sealed orders are only recorded at the adjudicators discretion.
  • This database will drop off our main TINZ report at some stage for the above reasons.
  • It will always remain on our PCC report along with the other non Date of Birth verifiable databases we search.


Tenancy Risk Score (TRS)
  • Unique to the Property Management industry. Using a combination of credit bureau data plus tenancy data into an easy to read, easy to understand, comprehensive and accurate Tenancy Risk Score.
  • Contributing data sources are..Credit enquiries, Defaults, Court judgments, Bankruptcies, Type of credit and account (e.g. credit card and revolving credit), Amount of credit extended, Details of the capacity of the individual (e.g. whether he/she is an account holder, joint account holder or guarantor), Credit account information (e.g. account status, open and/or closed date), Up to 24 months of repayment history information for commitments with a financial services organisation (e.g. payment obligation has been met or not), Credit provider details, Tenant ratings from other landlords, 14 Day Breach notices, Tenancy Tribunal decisions, Anti social behaviour while in a tenancy.


Credit Check Report from Dun & Bradstreet
  • Credit reports from Dun & Bradstreet can include previous credit enquiries along with adverse information such as defaults, judgements, insolvencies and bankruptcies
  • The important parts to look at are any Defaults, Collections or Judgements
  • The Consumer Risk Score shows a link to a pdf which explains further.
  • Cross references are known alternative names that the tenant has used in the past. These are sometimes referred to as aliases


ID Verification from NZTA
  • To identify that the Drivers License ID shown to you is real.
  • If you get a negative or zero response to your DL request it could be for one of several reasons.
    • you may have an incorrect DL number, incorrect or missing Version number,
    • the licence may be or out of date,
    • the licence may be disqualified or suspended,
    • the license may be fake,
    • or lastly the LTSA website may be down. You are able to ring them to figure out the reason their website has not given a valid response. Ph. 0800 822422


Full Drivers Licence Check
  • As per above notes on ID verification, occasionally you get a negative or zero response.
  • This search option shows up in the Results page if you get no match or question marks (?) on your Drivers Licence ID verification from NZTA
  • This more advanced search gives complete information regarding a persons Drivers Licence with information from NZ Transport Agency (NZTA), including Licence; status, class/stage, endorsements, conditions and exemptions. 


Fines from Criminal Section - Ministry of Justice
  • Shows any fines registered on the Ministry of Justice website


Passport Verification from the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA)
  • Result Definitions
    • Consistent - The Travel Document number exists on the DIA database and the other data provided is a complete match to the data they hold. 
    • Not Consistent - The Travel Document number does not exist on teh DIA databse, OR
      The Travel Document number exists on the DIA database however there is other data provided in your request that is not a complete match to the data they hold. The results response should indicate which data field did not match.
      No Exceptions are recorded.
    • Exception - An indication the DIA has an identity exception flag loaded against the Travel Document /Consumer.
      eg. The person is recorded as deceased on the death register.


PPSR - Items on Finance owed
  • The Personal Properties Security Register is the register holding details of security interests in personal property.
  • This database is administered by the Companies Office